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What is MyPlace ?

Demo Videos:

Demo Slideshow:
MyPlace Slideshow Part #1 : Baka demo


The deployment of MyPlace requires the installation of two major components on a suitable computer: Tailwind-Live and Pushbutton Linux.

Internet services are also required for revision management and user configuration.


MyPlace is the brain-child of Burntroot|Associates|Ltd and Nordicwind Inc. Copyright © 2010 All Rights reserved.

What is Tailwind-Live ?

Tailwind-Live is the Linux distribution used by MyPlace touchscreen computers. It is based on Live-Debian and you can learn more about it here: Tailwind-Live

What is Pushbutton Linux ?

Pushbutton Linux is a suite of scripts that integrate with the Tailwind-Live Linux OS to provide a touchscreen menu system and a collection of applications tightly integrated with the Pushbutton Linux website to deliver MyPlace to different users.

You can learn more about Pushbutton Linux here: Pushbutton Linux.

Pushbutton Linux is licensed under GNU General Public License as Open Source.

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