Welcome to MyPlace.

MyPlace is a computer for people who don't like computers.

What you are looking at is an MSI 19in touchscreen. It is an all-in-one computer.

On the back side you can see it has:
  • power cord
  • USB connection to a scanner
  • connection to external speakers for better sound quality.

The page you are now looking at is the page that Baka sees when she turns her computer on.

Baka likes to listen to Croatian Internet Radio.

Infact perhaps her favorite one is this one here ...

She has five stations to choose from.

Baka can also talk to people on the internet with Skype.

The Skype window will automatically resize to medium so she can get a good look at me.

When she gets tired of talking to me, she can zap me.

(We've programmed a few of Baka's menu items in Croatian.)

Perhaps I forgot to say something to her, so I can call her on Skype and since I'm on her whitelist I get connected right away.

Again the video image will automatically resize. I can say my 2-cents and then I'm gone.

Maybe Baka wants to check the weather in Ottawa to see what's going on ...

or maybe in Grimsyby ...

Maybe Baka wants to look at some email .. Baka has email on a gmail account.

The most recent email is the first email displayed.

Ofcourse she might have attachments which she sees as she advances through her email pages.

With email she can keep intouch with her family through short email messages and pictures of her grandchildren.

The first 20 pages of email are kept from newest to oldest at the end.

If Baka wants to send something to someone, she can use her scanner.

She can put something face-down on the flatbed scanner and push the scan button ... and it will automatically get sent off via email.

In this case, there is one email address on Baka's sendlist and so this image will be sent to this person, myself in this demo.

The sent image is automatically cropped and a reference to an uncropped 8x11in image (full scan) is included in the email incase the cropping was too agressive.

If there is more than one person on Baka's sendlist, then she can choose who to email this image to from a list.

Baka also has an MP3 Player. She has a USB flash memory plugged into the side of the unit.

She can have someone load this up with music .. and select what album to play.

The last button to describe is the 'butterfly'.

Baka can push the butterfly button and this will bring up a website that Zlatko (her son) has selected for her which he thinks might be of interest to her.

Zlatko can change this butterfly website anytime he wants through the Pushbutton Linux website.

Baka can go visit this site, slide (scroll) up and down and explore the site.

At the same time that Baka pressed the butterfly button, Zlatko can connect to Baka's computer provided he has VNC setup on his computer and running in listen mode.

Through this connection, Zkatko can explore this website with Baka .. or go off and find another website of interest to Baka and have some fun planning a ski trip ...

This is Baka's computer. She can :

  • listen to music on the internet
  • talk to people with Skype video
  • read email and look at email pictures
  • send stuff to people with her scanner
  • check the weather.

This is Baka's MyPlace.

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